Bangi - Destroy all the balloons

By igvina, 1 year ago

Controls: D-Pad: [Arrows / WASD] - A: [J] - B: [K] - Menu: [U] - Home: [I]
Enjoy games at full speed with sound and lights on the Gamebuino META!
Emulator by aoneill


Bangi is a classic arcade game where you must shoot and destroy each of the balloons that appear in each level.


  • 45 levels
  • Configurable difficulty/speed (from very easy to ultra)
  • Multiple items (power-ups)
  • And many surprises ...


  • Ported from Arduboy code (no color yet)
  • Thanks to Aurélien for creating the great Gamebuino Meta. I hope to create more games optimized for it!

Last comments

4 months ago

For some reason I can’t load that game from my SD card. I think there is a problem with the image files, when I remove them from the folder the game appears back in the menu, but I still cannot load it… I remember it worked before (like 6 month ago I played with it). So I don’t know what happened… an update with a corrupt file ?

1 year ago
Author :  YQN

Cool port!

Edit: actually my fave META game :)

1 year ago
Author :  igvina

Thanks Aurélien! I'm trying to improve speed to get stable 30 fps on every level of the game, then I will apply for the Quality Seal ;)