Battleship Meta


By sentinel87, 5 years ago

Controls: D-Pad: [Arrows / WASD] - A: [J] - B: [K] - Menu: [U] - Home: [I]
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Emulator by aoneill


Implementation for popular game battleship. Each player has 10 ships located on the 10x10 board. Objective: to sink all ships before your opponent does. The game has two modes: player vs console and player vs player.


Each player place his ships on the board in Placement Mode. After that, each player has one shot on the enemy board. If it hits the target, player will be awarded with additional shot. If shot miss, player turn will end. The second player (or console) will then do his moves. The winner is the player, who first destroy 10th enemy ship.

2020-05-01 Version 1.10 (Major update)

AI moves are now fully automated. Each time player ends his turn AI will do all the actions. On instruction screens text was replaced by button images. Code cleanup and minor bug fix.