Big Tuto on Shading Effect in High Resolution


By Steph, 5 years ago

I am pleased to offer you my second tutorial dedicated, this time, to the programming of high-resolution video games. The ultimate exercise of this tutorial will be to render a game scene by working on the lighting of the scene with a play of light and shadow. This subdued lighting effect will allow you to create unique atmospheres in your games.

But beyond this purpose, you will learn many things throughout the tutorial:

  • how to master the technique developed by Andy in his tutorial High Resolution without gb.display,
  • how to program a rendering engine by applying its technique,
  • how to implement the Observer Design Pattern,
  • how to program a linked list to manage dynamic collections,
  • how to use mathematical and physical principles such as the kinematics, the fundamental relationship of dynamics or the principle of inertia, to program realistic motions in your games.

The menu is tempting, I hope you will like it....

Don't forget to give me your impressions or suggestions so that I can improve the content of this tutorial.

You will find the complete tutorial on GitHub Pages.