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soltk soltk

Hello, you can join us on discord (link at the bottom right of the page).

We will help you and give you advice when you need.


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soltk soltk

note: I am not sure if you are totaly new in programing or experienced but don't know how to do with Gamebuino if you are experienced you can go to step 2.

In my opinion, the best is to start to learn C++.

So here what i personally think is the best to start on gamebuino.

Step 1: Learn C++ stuff, the best site i have found for it is this one -> http://www.learncpp.com/

I am restarting to learn c++ on this website because i was feeling to have to much gab in my knowledge

Step 2: If this is not already done follow this tutorial to get your Arduino IDE and be able to upload your sofware on it.
-> https://gamebuino.com/creations/gamebuino-meta-setup

Step 2.A: To discover new gamebuino function or understand how to use them, use the library reference here
-> https://gamebuino.com/fr/academy/reference

You can find this reference link at the bottom of the page under "ACADEMY"

You can do stuff on Gamebuino super early when you are learning c++ a programe saying "Hello" if  you press A and "Good-bye" if you press B.
Ok this is not the game of the year but at this point you are able interect with a potential user (aka player) and you can already do some small fun game with some imagination.
And at this moment every new knowledge learn from Step 1 will open new door.

Edit: And once again if you have any issue at once of those step you can ask us on discord or on the website. I will be glad to help you if i can.
Edit2: Sorry for the long post


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vos avez fais une faute dans l'exemple de solution.

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