Genre: Platformer
Graphics: Original pixel art using DawnBringer's 16 color palette
Tools: Arduino IDE and Sublime Text 3 (coding), Aseprite and Adobe Photoshop (art)


PLAY mode

Collect all gold coins within the level and reach the exit sign. You might also find red, green and blue coins. Collecting these will open up new pathways to access places you couldn't before. Completing a level will reveal how much time it took you to do so.

MAKE mode

Build your own levels and test them at any time right on the device! Share them with the community and play other people's levels simply by loading them on and off your SD card.


The game is currently still in development. Keep an eye on this creation and its comment section to get updated on its progress.


  • Player controls, collision, variable jump height and ghost jump
  • Level rendering and editing (tile and object placement)
    with reworked toolbox (category and descriptions added)
  • Available tiles: Ground, platforms, spikes, plants and background
  • Available object: Coins (all colors), blocks (all colors), milk (health), crates and collapsing platforms, worm enemy
  • HUD showing health and collected coins.


  • Tiles: TBD
  • Objects: More enemies, exit sign, check point and extra obstacles to make levels more interesting
  • Saving and loading of levels from SD card
  • Menus
  • Lots of polish
  • ...

DEMO VERSION (2018-02-21)


This demo gives you a first glimpse of the game. It lets you run and jump around and edit the level as much as you want (changes won't be saved yet though).


D-pad: move around
A: Jump | Add/Remove tile or object
B: Hold down to show editor toolbox
Menu: Switch between play and edit mode


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NEW 1 week ago

jicehel jicehel

Oh yeah I'll definitely make a bird enemy :) With the option to make them patrol horizontally or vertically. There will also be a mouse that can climb up walls and ceilings and a fish that jumps out of the water (will add water for that which you'll drown in when you land in it).

Note: those are all ideas I'd love to add but that doesn't mean they'll be in the game for sure.

Also, I appreciate you trying to help :) The birds are really blurry though and still too big! But don't worry, I'll be able to draw something that works :)


NEW 1 week ago

Cool and good news for the monsters add. If you continue as you sterted, this game will be fantastic


NEW 2 days ago

UPDATE 2018-02-21

I just released a first playable version of the game!

Check out the creation for a download button and info on the content and controls :)

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