I'm sharing with you my first creation on the Gamebuino. It's a very simple "collect falling coins while avoiding other stuff" kind of game. The idea for the game came from watching @archonik's stream documenting his creation of the perpetually hungry Guinea Pig simulator "Gruniozerca". If you speak polish, I'd highly recommend watching it and coding along.

Your job is to collect coins while avoiding arrows and defeating enemies. The arrows and enemies drain your health if they hit you. While there is no stopping the arrow, you can hit the enemy to stop him. You lose points each time you let a coin fall off the screen.


  • Collecting a coin +1 point
  • Defeating an Enemy +1 point
  • Missing a coin - 5 points


  • Movement - Left /Right
  • Attack - 'A'
  • Menu (hold) - Back to Main Menu

This is the first time I went into creating and animating images; there's a ton I still have to learn on that front. The time it took me to prepare this is around 8 hours, plus give or take 1 hour for refactoring. The code is a linear state machine, one .ino file, and no real OOP going on there. I come from the electronics side of the Arduino world, making LEDs blink and RC cars drive, so I have limited experience in designing game systems, collision, and complex object interaction. I'm looking forward to learning more about how to develop something more complicated. Any and all comments greatly appreciated :)