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Enjoy games at full speed with sound and lights on the Gamebuino META!
Emulator by aoneill


(Runs in newest emulator, drop DiggerMETA+.bin here: Emulator by aoneill).

Port of the old KC85-game Digger for our Gamebuino-META.

It is based of the orig. programmed version scmar/DiggerMETA with a lot of extensions and improvements, examples: highscore, softscrolling, more animations, original soundeffects and support of the lights...


Portage d'un vieux jeu de KC85 appelé Digger pour la Gamebuino Meta.

Basé sur la version originale de scmar/DiggerMETA avec plusieurs améliorations telles que : highscore, scrolling linéaire, plus d'animations, sons originaux et utilisation des LEDs...