EnGarde! is a turn based roguelike where you have to move in time limited turns and kill all enemies to progress to the next level. Collect coins, buy upgrades and make your way to the bosses and further worlds!

There is in-game tutorial, although it's a bit chaotic right now. To play, use directional buttons to move, to attack enemies simply walk at them. B button can be used to skip turns without penalty, MENU button pauses the game.

The game is heavily inspired by Crypt of the Necrodancer, so if you ever played that game, you will get into this one quickly. Current version contains only one world and should be considered a demo of full game, which is in progress.

However, main gameplay mechanics are implemented, so the game is fully playable in its current state. I plan to implement up to three extra worlds with different enemies, add more skills and variety overall. Right now the first world repeats itself, so you can play infinitely. Also, current icon is temporary and I will replace it later with something better. Same goes for titlescreen, which is missing right now. There is no music yet, so I'd love to feature someones else tunes in my game, with proper credit of course. If you are music creator and want to share, please contact me. I'm completely tone-deaf myself ;)

The game should be challenging, but not too hard regarding the first world, so feel free to leave feedback about balance. I'll probably update upgrades prices later on, when more difficult content is added. The skip turn ability will probably get some kind of cooldown, because it makes some enemies too easy to counter.

I'm also sharing the codebase, but keep in mind it's a bit messy right now. I'll try to improve the code quality and clean up dead code some time later.

More gifs:

Known issues (probably fixed):

  • the game sometimes crashes when creating new level. I rarely see this and already tried to fix it, so please inform me if this happens in your case too,
  • screen shake sometimes does not stop,
  • ghosts can be killed inside walls with Long arms upgrade,
  • floor under chest sometimes disappears,
  • sometimes one of the enemies goes off map. I temporarily fixed this by moving it back to the position of the chest.

Current version: 0.2.0.

Sound effects generated using SFXR tool. Main menu animation created by Dawid "Dorsul" Leśniewski. AStar algorithm implementation based on Sebastian Lague's C# implementation (although right now it does not work, so don't use it).


Alpha 0.1.0

  • demo version release

Alpha 0.1.1

  • code clean-up,
  • potential fixes for known issues,
  • added pause screen when pressing MENU button

Alpha 0.2.0 - Bombs & Dwarfs update

  • new world - Crystal Mines
  • new mechanic - destructible walls
  • new enemy types
  • many smaller and bigger balance changes
  • 2 new skills, including ability to destroy walls by player!

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NEW 12 hours ago

Another update, this time a bigger one. I added second world with new, more dangerous enemies and couple of new gameplay mechanics, like explosions and destructible walls. Another thing is I atempted to balance things a bit, mostly by decrasing upgrades costs. Also, From now on enemy corpses are drawn before living creatures, so no more monsters lurking behind their deceased brethren ;)

Btw, I decided to start using twitter to push more recent updates about development of my games and get myself into the community. Feel free to catch me at @ItsInsajd


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NEW 6 days ago

Small update, mostly in an attempt to fix known issues and improve quality of the code. I also added pause screen when pressing MENU button, so player won't quit from the game by accident.