Due to current science limitation about cloning process, we can't have our personal Sorunome to help us fix all of our Gamebuino problems. That's why I would like to try something out to help us fix all of our problems: The Help Center.

We can't have 1 Sorunome to 1 help for every gamebuinian
There was 700 units sold

- Rodot

Time to clone me!

- Sorunome

How it works

If your goal is to finds some hint to fix a specific issue, go into the category of the problem and make sure to verify all the suggestions indicated, it's as simple as that.

However, if you have finally fixed the obstacle to the development of your dream game, make sure to post "a list of things you verified to make sure everything works as wanted" in the comment below.

Sound Issues

My game won't produce any sound!

- Is the sound muted

- Can your Gamebuino produce any sound at all?

Playing sounds from the SD card

- Make sure you included the sound files in your project folder (The one that contains the .bin file)

- In your code, verify that the file name called by gb.sound.play() is correct

- Make sure the sound file is of type "Unsigned 8-bit wave file" with a single (Mono) track. (In Audacity, open the mp3 file, Goto: Track>Mix>Mix Stereo to Mono and save the file by clicking on File>Export>Wav File and Selecting "Other uncompressed format" with the option "Unsigned 8-bit PCM" selected)

- Try setting your Folder Name in the config-gamebuino.h file the same as the project folder (As mentioned earlier) using #define FOLDER_NAME "FolderName"

The sound work but it's way to slow

- Make sure the game runs with a CPU load smaller than 100%

- Allow the sound buffer to use more RAM using #define SOUND_BUFFERSIZEinconfig-gamebuino.h

When porting over to META

Full port or using porting library

- Make sure you don't use the INVERT color because it doesn't work anymore (Not sure if it works with the special library but it doesn't when 100% porting the game)

- Replace all your "int" with "uint32_t or int32_t",  "short" with "uint16_t or int16_t" and "char" (used as number) with "int8_t"

- Sometimes the conversion between floats and other number type compiles but gives an error when trying out the game

Full port only

- All sound related stuff don't work the same way anymore

- EEPROM has been removed, don't call it in your game!

- gb.titleScreen(); as been removed, don't use it

- You don't need to initialize gb with "Gamebuino gb;"