GBImg is a command-line tool that allow you to convert BMP and PNG images into the Gamebuino flash memory format.

It can also handle animated images and spritesheets

It currently support only uint8_t[] flash images in the indexed mode

  GBImg [OPTION...]

  -o, --output-path arg         File name of the export (default: code.hpp)   -i, --image-input arg         Image path to convert   -c, --code-name arg           identifier in the exported code (default:                                 image)       --transparency [=N(=0)]   Choosen color index used for transparency.                                 Value greater than 15 (0x0F) will make the                                 program not handle transparency (default: 255)       --palette default / edge16                                 Choosen color palette used for finding                                 correct indexes (default: default)       --palette-file arg        File from which the color palette will be                                 used (override palette option)   -h, --help                    Print the help

 Spritesheet options:   -s, --spritesheet  Activate the spritesheets mode       --tile-x N     Number of tiles on X axis Sub width will be deduced                      with image-width / tile-x (default: 0)       --tile-y N     Number of tiles on Y axis | Sub height will be deduced                      with image-height / tile-y (default: 0)       --framerate N  Framerate of the animation | number of frame per                      animation (default: 0)

The download link provide a compiled version for Windows 7 and some test / example in bat files


  • Loading custom color palette from file
  • Support for uint16_t[] images
  • Convert RGB888 to RGB565
  • Multiples images at once
  • Other export methods