Le jeu du Simon pour la META

By jicehel, 3 weeks ago

Voici une toute première version du jeu de Simon pour la META.

Je ne partage pas encore le code qui est loin d'être fini. Un gros nettoyage, l'ajout de la gestion du highscore, va être fait et surtout l'ajout d'options comme le mode multijoueur et une amélioration graphique mais en attendant, c'est une première version jouable.

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NEW 1 week ago

Version updated with score save


NEW 2 weeks ago

OK, thanks , I'll have a look later on that. If there is no bug, i'll let this game a few to have comment asw and i'll take back the program i had start: parachutes to complete it and  have another experience of making a game. (And because i want complete it before making a shoot them up using the program created by others to adpat them and understand the mechanicals).


NEW 2 weeks ago

jicehel jicehel

If you re-drew the entire screen each frame it would play nice with the popup. OFC you'll have to check if you have enough CPU power available.

As for animations, i did touch that in the images tutorial, including example with the cat from cats&coins

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