META Screen Recorder


By Steph, 11 months ago

Create animated GIFs from screen recording

Are you developing a new game? Are you proud of your new creation and want to demonstrate it without further delay on Discord or on the website? You will probably want to create an animated GIF to show your masterpiece to the whole community.

Introducing META Screen Recorder, a new screen recording tool for your applications. This utility complements the built-in tool of the META (accessible by the Home button), to offer you more flexibility, simplicity and features:

  • Start and stop recording the screen whenever you want, without interrupting the progress of your application.
  • Start and stop recording directly in your code with startRecording() and stopRecording().
  • Take advantage of META's full capabilities and record your applications running in High Resolution!

META Screen Recorder works on macOS, Linux and Windows.

You want to know how it works?

Take a look at:

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11 months ago
Author :  Steph

Hi Soru,

Thank you for that clarification. In fact, at the beginning, I had made this tool for my needs: to make screenshots in high resolution. And as I find it really very practical, I thought it would be nice to share it. So I added support for the standard resolution.

In addition, I found it really painful to have to grab my screenshots on the microSD. It's too much handling, especially when you have to do it 10 times to get the perfect recording... So it's much more convenient to retrieve the recordings live on your PC, when the META is connected to its USB cable...

11 months ago
Author :  Sorunome

Looking nice!

Just so you know, quite a few of these are already available in the core library itself! You can start screen recording, or, recording of any Image with myimage.startRecording("recfile.gmv"); and then stop with myimage.stopRecording();.
For Example:

// some code

You can then grab the gmv file onto your computer and either use the online converter or run it locally on your pc (it is open source!)

As the library only goes via images, though, it won't do direct gb.tft access stuffs.