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Après quelques jours de prise de tête, je suis heureux de vous présenter ma première création.

un shoot arcade 2d : Meta Type.


pas de power up de la mort qui tue. (même pas un heal)

pas de niveaux. le jeu est infini (ou presque)

spawn des ennemis aléatoire (pour ne pas "trop s'ennuyer")

de la musique

de "petits" jeux de LED

une sauvegarde du high score

et c'est tout..


à la demande de Max, le code de mon .ino

                                                                  ENGLISH PART

After a few days of headache . I'm glad to pressent to you my first creation. A 2D arcade shooter: Meta Type.

here we have:

no power up (not even some heal)

no levels (infinite game)

random enemy spawn (so it's less boring)

some music

LED blink

High Score saving

and that's all..

Edit:  Max asked me to share the code. click on the green upper  link  to see it

If you have specific questions about it, just ask me and i'll explain it to you. BUT this is not the way you should write your code. It works, but it is really ugly ;)

don't forget I'm french, and all variables means a lot more to me if written in my own langage ;)

Last comments

6 months ago

Like this game / make me think of R-Type on GameBoy. Nice graphics , planets are great . Ambience meditative , or contemplative , really cool!

2 years ago
Author :  oncle_rodney

I edited the initial post in english.

variable name in the code will stay as they are. for my comments, they are in current french and i think google translator could do the job. 

The explaination of this choice is in the initial post too.

If you have questions, just ask me. I'll be glad to answer ;)

i'll try to make an effort for the next one to be readable in english and french

2 years ago
Author :  jicehel

Yes DFX2KX and some in german for german users, some in spanish, some in italian, chineese, polish, asw... for the forum the 2 langages are supported french and english but it's important to use the most we can english to be able to be understood by the more users we can to help all the community. Some users have make other community to be able to exchange in their natural langage to help the people who don't use these langages  and be able to share their tips and answer their questions. Sorry oncle_rodney for this little out of subjet on your post, my next post on your discussion about your game will be on your game, promise  ;)