Controls: D-Pad: [Arrows / WASD] - A: [J] - B: [K] - Menu: [U] - Home: [I]
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Meta Warfare is a strategy game where you take command over your army and try to beat your opponent.


At the begining you start with only several units and your HQ. After getting access to military base you can unlock new units and build them. At the start all units except INFANTRY will be locked. After gaining enough funds you can upgrade base level ('UP' choice) to unlock additional units. Funds can be acquired from captured buildings. Each building will grant you additional funds every turn to buy new units. Capturing unique hospital building will heal your unit up to 2 HP at the beginnig of your turn.

There are four map modes:

  • CONQUEST - your objective is to capture enemy HQ
  • CAPTURE - your objective is to control 8 buildings at the end of your turn
  • CAPTURE FLAG - (single player) - capture selected tile
  • DEATHMATCH - (single player) - eliminate all enemy units

Game content:

  • Tutorial mode (2 maps)
  • Campaign mode (7 maps)
  • Skirmish mode (4 maps)
  • Multiplayer mode (2 players) (7 maps)
  • 8 playable units
  • 9 base upgrade levels
  • 1 save slot


  • INFANTRY - basic unit, very weak. It can cross mountains and capture buildings.
  • AT INFANTRY - upgraded infantry with weapons to destroy MD TANK and HALFTRUCK. They are slower than standard Infantry, but they can also capture buildings.
  • HALFTRUCK - light armored vehicle designed to destroy infantry. It has the highest moving range, but it is uneffective against heavy armored vehicles.
  • MD TANK - main offensive unit, it is very mobile and can be use to block early enemy offensive. Weak vs HV TANK and TANK DESTROYER.
  • MOBILE ARTILLERY - indirect unit, good in defensive. Has shorter range then MOBILE SSM, but can shoot at point blank range. It cannot defend.
  • MOBILE SSM - indirect unit. Has the highest attack range in the game. It cannot defend.
  • HV TANK - heavy tank designed to break front lines and guard buildings.
  • TANK DESTROYER - the most powerful unit in the game. It has the same firepower as HV TANK, but gets additional attack from the terrain bonus (building, forest).



  • A - select option
  • Arrows Up/Down - move between options


  • Arrows - scroll map/select unit/select place to move unit/select attack target
  • A - select unit/select action in dropdown menu/attack/(on captured base)enter base screen
  • B - cancel current action (before pressing A to confirm)
  • HOME - open info menu

2020-07-27 Version 1.1 (Major update)

Added content:

  • Single player modes: CAMPAIGN and SKIRMISH
  • Implementing basic script for console player
  • Two new game modes for single player: CAPTURE FLAG and DEATHMATCH
  • Reworking of tutorial missions (implementing AI script)
  • Reworking of multiplayer maps (adding new hospital tile)


First version does't have campaign for 1 player (planned to add in the future releases). Second version has basic console script (planned to expand in the future releases).


Meta warfare est un jeu de stratégie où vous prenez le contrôle d'une armée et tentez de vaincre votre adversaire.


Au début vous commencez avec quelques unités et votre QG. En accédant à une base militaire vous pouvez débloquer et créer de nouvelles unités. Au démarrage toutes les unités seront bloquées sauf l'INFANTERIE seront bloquées. Après avoir obtenu suffisament de fonds vous pouvez améliorer votre base (choix 'UP') pour débloquer plus d'unités. Les fonds sont obtenus en capturant des bâtiments. Chaque bâtiment vous accordera des fonds supplémentaires à chaque tour de jeu pour créer de nouvelles unités. Capturez le bâtiment unique hôpital pour soigner vos unités de 2HP à chaque début de tour.

Il y a 4 modes de jeu :

  • CONQUEST - Votre objectif est de capturer le QG adverse
  • CAPTURE - Votre objectif est de finir un tour en possédant 8 bâtiments
  • CAPTURE FLAG - (un joueur) - Capturer la case désignée
  • DEATHMATCH - (un joueur) - Éliminez tous les ennemis

Contenu du jeu :

  • Mode tutoriel (2 cartes)
  • Mode campagne (7 cartes)
  • Mode escarmouche (4 cartes)
  • Mode multijoueur (2 joueurs) (7 cartes)
  • 8 unités jouables
  • 9 niveaux d'amélioration de la base
  • 1 emplacement de sauvegarde

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Great update. “Campaign” done. Amazing.

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Thanks you for the upgrade.

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Ok, from now you can play with console player :slight_smile: Wishing luck in the upcoming battles!