By geed, 1 year ago

Controls: D-Pad: [Arrows / WASD] - A: [J] - B: [K] - Menu: [U] - Home: [I]
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Hello world !

I continue to learn and training, slowly, but it's very interesting.

I started a new project. A small and simple clone of moon-patrol. 

I want add some UFOs, rocks and holes.

At this point, my differential scrolling is working. My rover can jump and go left or right. But i have two problems and i don't find solution :(

Update : 17/09/18 

Complet re-write of the code. No tile mapping or complicated thing ... I'm not enough experienced ... ;)

Update : 13/04/18 

I resolved my problems ! 

Now with : rocks, holes, gravity and weapon ! I want a game less difficult than Oubliette, so i add a "regeneration" of life (like in modern fps game for example).

Next : add UFOs and works on sprites (boom, player, etc.) !

Update : 17/04/2018

This time, i experiment tilemapping and scrolling. I find the definitive form of the "rover" (become a Walker ! )

What do you think ?

Update : 15/05/2018

I have many collisions problems. I upload my code. I want to use tilemapping, but i don't know how to detect correctly collision. My player "stick" on ground or bug :(

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1 year ago
Author :  JohnZ

Awesome, awesome!  Thanks @geed !

"3 Lives" would be good, also maybe very gradual speed-up over time for difficulty? Not sure

1 year ago
Author :  geed

Many thanks for our feedback, it's useful :)

  • I change commands : Up/down to control gravity, A for the frontal gun, B for vertical laser
  • if you maintain B at start menu, it will enable a "benchmark mode" with CPU and hitbox
  • Rocks/Bonus/Holes are bigger, player's hitbox are smaller.
  • some graphics adjustment

what do you think ? I'm not sure about difficulty, maybe "3 lives" will be a good solution ...

1 year ago
Author :  JohnZ

UP for flying, A for frontal and B for top gun seem more natural. Great game though overall, many thanks!