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Enjoy games at full speed with sound and lights on the Gamebuino META!
Emulator by aoneill

A Laptimer for Slotcars

Metaslot is a simple laptimer for slotcars.

n the emulator, use D-PAD to "emulate" IR detection

Personnaly i use Sharp GP2Y0D805Z0F linked on digital entries to count laps.

If you qant ro try it with real sensors, compile the program and remove comment on "digitalread" lines ;)

More photo and tuto to comes ! Geed

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2 months ago

Thank you for these clarifications @Aurelien_Rodot.

I’ll make sure to remove it in the future batches.

This short sentence tends to remove my concern about the future.

It’s good to see you back with us!
I hope you will come back more often and that the community can take a new impetus.

Aurélien Rodot
2 months ago

As shown on the diagram it’s normal that they are not connected, it’s free pins for potential future additions. The backpack shown on the picture is and old version that still has the “3V3” label, I’ll make sure to remove it in the future batches. Thanks for your watchfulness :slight_smile:
Have a great day,

2 months ago

Nice, i hope you’ll do a beautifull video then complete. It’s should be nice to see :wink: