I decided to let the lot of you mess around with the very broken attempt at Asteroids I've been working on for the past week and a half.

I indeed WAS missing something obvious, converting from radians to degrees is overcomplicated for this type of game

With some help from Riksu9000's tutorial, I went from non-functional mess that I wanted nothing to do with to this:


improve the draw function to draw the portion of the ship that has slipped off of the screen onto the other end of the screen (like classic Asteroids, not quite sure how I'll do this, but I have a few ideas)

Asteroids (kinda need something to shoot at, after all!)

laser and collision detection (*silently weeps*)

pixel art and intro screen for the game to bring it up to standards with the other games here.

The link to the file is below as well, because adding a file for direct download from the site seems... glitchy for some reason. So is adding a cover image.


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Riksu9000 Riksu9000

You are a rockstar. I think the issues I was having stem from taking a what would work in geometry class? approach, where that's not always the best way to do things.

That certainly shows a much more efficient way of doing it!


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Using Riksu9000's technique for drawing the green line in his little demo, I've produced a way to render 2d polygons at arbitrary angles:

I'll have to heavily document how you actually encode the shape (it's not a series of x/y points in this case, but a series of angle/radius pairs. the ship is drawn conterclockwise, line by line. I'll see if I can make it wait during the draw phase so I can show it off, I'm pretty darn proud of that right there!

I haven't tested my implementation of Rik's physics approach, but given the drawing works, I'm pretty sure the flying part will, too.


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finally got near-pixel-perfect screen looping working. The ship already loops, but if you're sitting near an edge of the screen, you'll see your ship partially on the other side:

I also have part of the collision system in, and can now copy the draw routines to implement the rest, make some polygons for the asteroids, and set up the lasers. That should then let me actually say I have a proper basic Asteroids clone.

And then I have to learn how saving things to a sav file works.

getting this to work reliably added more dev hours then I thought it would....

(edit: I'll update the Github once I've got something to shoot at :P)

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