Do you dare to escape from hell?

You are a tiny lost demon at the very bottom of hell who wants to get to a better world. Each level of the labyrinth is a hellish circle. To get out of the maze you have to get all diabolic keys, open the portals and get to the next levels. 

But beware, the devil is chasing you! Do not look behind you!

Be aware that after getting the key the labyrinth changes in front of your eyes. 

There are dangers in various nooks and crannies! Be careful and good luck!

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NEW 3 days ago

alxm alxm

Thx for support.


NEW 2 weeks ago

I broke free, nice game with cool pixel art! Sticking close to the walls and circling the rooms seems to be a good strategy.


3 days ago

Thx for support.


NEW 3 weeks ago

Sorunome Sorunome

On first level you need to grab a key, next level go to door. Next level grab 2 keys and then door. After that 3 keys ...

so sometimes you may have only door to walk not keys. On each level with key you can find door but when door is open on some of the levels there will be no key. You can see on door which colors you need to unlock (get key) in order to open it