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Pour commencer, mes excuses que je ne parle pas français ...

Here is my platformer, the intention is for a cute game that my kids can play where they need to work out which fruits match which platforms to complete each level. 

There's only one two game levels so far, but hopefully you get the picture. 


Visual Studio with Visual Micro (Arduino IDE for Visual Studio) add-on

Piskel sprite editor

Lospec Palette List and Pixel Editor

Endesga16 Palette modified to include purple 

Modified Image to Code converter

Good old Microsoft Paint :-)

Tile inspiration and background from OpenGameArt, specifically


After manually coding the positions of all the bananas in level 2 I think I need a level builder...

Code clean-up... lots of code clean-up...

Please let me know any feedback, suggestions etc..

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NEW 6 months ago

The game look nice and don't worry about speaking french ^^


NEW 6 months ago

Yes, great start. I hope you'll do levels or tools to do levels to let us try to help you to do them if you want or / and are ready.


NEW 6 months ago

Max Max

Ah, don't want to share my code just yet - it's a mess and I've seriously over-complicated the collision code, partly because the hang-off-the-vines code has complex conditions (must be moving down not up, but shouldn't hang from feet). 

I just noticed that Cats and Coins have recently shared their code and it's beautiful and object oriented - I recommend you look at that. There is another creation called GBX which is a good start too. 

One thing I would say: build a squarish sprite rather than the gangly monkey I did - otherwise the simpler collision stuff looks wrong.

Thanks for sorting my Cover pic Aurelien :-)