Moto-cross of Clement ported on META

By jicehel, 6 years ago

A black and white Moto-cross game made on Classic Gamebuino by Clement.

It's a good start even the gameplay have to be adjusted to be moe fun.

Animation and graphics are fine.

Bin content has to be put in a motoCross-meta repesitory at root of your SD card.

I would convert one game to see how easy it was and Clement have made a tone of games...  So i have take Moto-cross and used the library to port it to Meta... It was really easy.

I have add an icon and a titlescreen (too quick for titlescreen because it don't woks and i have to find why...)

Of course this game can be perfected and thanks to Clement to share his games with us  ;)


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2 years ago

I had begin this game a long time ago. Someone would works on gameplay ?
I would not let my old project not completed so, it’s could be cool to restart this game but we have to find a fun gameplay to make the game funny. The idea is to have levels and player have to adjust position of the motor bike to stay on it (and even gain more points with some figures).
If anyone want works on the gameplay, make specifications or levels, you’re all welcome