Packuino : the neverending learning.

step 02

By Thierry, 2 weeks ago

Controls: D-Pad: [Arrows / WASD] - A: [J] - B: [K] - Menu: [U] - Home: [I]
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The idea is to show you the steps I am taking in my learning by offering you a branch at each important step.The game should ultimately be inspired by my favorite game when I discovered microcomputing in 1985 with a ZX Spectrum Plus.

Clone and select the branch corresponding to the desired step.

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NEW 2 weeks ago

Step 03 published.

I think there are things to improve in step 2 and 3, do not hesitate ;)


NEW 2 weeks ago

and I'm working on it. ;)

thanks a lot.


NEW 2 weeks ago

Thierry Thierry

I gave you the solution on Discord...