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Emulator by aoneill

Wanna travel through time in a car that's got style? Play Project88, reach 88 mph, charge your flux convector and travel through 1885, 1985 and 2015 (you know, this time when cars fly!). But don't run out of gas!

Enjoy the smooth full-res 40fps animation while you ride through the 3 levels... Or are there 4 of them?

I couldn't make screenshots because I have bypassed the SDK for graphics, but you can find a recording of version 1.0 here:

Update: here we are, version 1.4 is ready (and stable. Even more than 1.3! ):

  • Gameplay tweaked: fuel is consumed faster, but you may find jerricans to help you on your way
  • More variety in the scenery : I've crammed all I could in what I had left in memory. This just means one or two more sprites per level ;-)
  • In version 1.0, you could reach a super-secret level by finishing the game without colliding in anything. The super-secret level is now easier to find... But it's still a super-secret!

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3 months ago

There won’t be upgrades, as the game is perfect :sunglasses:

(ok, I don’t want to mess with this code any more).

Thanks for the “like”, hope you’ll discover how to reach the hidden level after level III!

3 months ago

You have a very good idea. Now I know why you have such avatar :smiley: Well doc, the time mechine is ready to go. So far i’ve reached to level III Future. I wonder what will be next. And I also know what you feel about mess in the code. It could be really painfull later during game upgrades. Still very good work.

6 months ago
Author :


What do you mean exactly? The game engine itself?

I can try and describe a few internals:

  • The road itself is drawn by a method inspired by what is documented here: .
  • The backgrounds are stored in Flash memory, as 4-bit palettized chunks, with a custom, optimized palette for each : 2 pixels per byte.
  • As for the sprites, they are stored in Flash too, but full color (RGB 565).
    • For zooming, I "just" compute how many rows/columns to skip

That's all I can think of, but if you have precise questions, I can try and answer.

Unfortunately, this piece of code is very messy, it was my first gamebuino project, which grew from "let's see what I can do with this little piece of hardware" to "damn, now cleaning it up would mean rewriting it all".