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Enjoy games at full speed with sound and lights on the Gamebuino META!
Emulator by aoneill

Hi, I have been working on a Raycaster project for the Arduboy and decided to port it to the Gamebuino META. It currently has the following features.


Move Forward

Move Backward

Turn Left

Turn Right

Strafe Left

Strafe Right


Wall and door collision with a nice sliding effect

Doors that open when you stand in front of them

This version includes texture mapped walls and doors. The Wolfenstein 3D textures are placeholders I used for testing.

I hope you enjoy this preview.

Last comments

2 years ago
Author :  JulienGio

I highly recommend the second link you posted. The best one out there honestly for anyone who is just getting into this kind of stuff! 10/10

2 years ago
Author :  jicehel

Very good tutorials and good code examples ;) it's can help alot. Nice that you can help and compare your two programs to make your raycasting motor better. 

2 years ago
Author :  alxm

Nice work! I just tried it out, looking forward to seeing it run full screen!

By the way @jicehel, for anyone interested in learning more about this technique, here are two great resources:

Now I need to go add sliding doors to my own raycaster :-)