Space Commander


By sentinel87, 4 years ago

Controls: D-Pad: [Arrows / WASD] - A: [J] - B: [K] - Menu: [U] - Home: [I]
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Emulator by aoneill

UK only

This game is an experiment. I always wanted to build something like browser space game strategy. Knowing English language is a must, because describtions and messages are a crucial part of this game. Please study this instruction first to learn the basic concepts.

UEF - Earth Federation continues to Explore unknown regions in the space. They've sent expedition to the outer Galaxy to establish colony there. After finding a suitable planet, the expedition build settlement. Suddenly, the capital ship was attack by alien armada. After heroic fight the ship was destroyed, but the aliens also withtdraw from the combat. The humans were left alone without any chance of escape back to Earth. It was only a matter of time when the aliens will attack again. The only hope is to raise the armada and destroy aliens home planet.


Space Commander is a strategy game, where you will manage your own colony, build buildings, discover new techs and build ships to defend your planet from alien attacks. At the start of the game you will only have small defense fleet and several resources. Your objective - to locate and destroy all alien colonies and finally destroy the alien capital planet - Cligg Prime. To achieve this goal, you must build ultimate weapon - Solar Destroyer and send it to the aliens capital planet. If Solar Destroyer survives attack and all alien colonies will be destroyed, you will win the game. But be careful - enemy will also try to build ultimate weapon by stealing resources from you. If the enemy first develop Solar Destroyer and beat your planet defence, you will lose the game.

War Room - your management console

After starting new game, you will be directed to the War Room. Here you will manage all aspects of your colony. By clicking certain buttons you will move between management screens. Note, that some buttons will be unavailable after start of the game. You will need to develop certain techs to unlock new choices. At the top of the screen you will see three main resources of the game - Metal,Crystal and Fuel. Resources are needed for develop techs, build buildings and ships. If you want to pause the game, click on the PAUSE button - you will be redirected to the Main Menu, but with option to continue game.

Star Map - plan your journeys

After clicking star map, you will see the map of the galaxy. At the beginning of the game you will see only a small piece of space around your home planet. If you upgrade Astronomy tech, the map will expand, revealing more places. White dots on the map represents Planets. If you want to interact with them, simply move cursor on the dot and press A. A dropdown menu will appear with the available options:

  • SCOUT - if you have Spy bots, you can send a scouting fleet to the planet. When the fleet reaches target, a new report will be available in the Reports section.
  • COLONIZE - if you have Colonizers, you can send a colonize mission. When the fleet reaches target, a new colony will be established.
  • ATTACK - the planet is an alien colony. If you want to attack it, you will be redirected to the fleet selection screen to pick the ships and send them to attack.
  • SET TRADE ROUTE - option only available if the planet is your colony. If you have enough transport ships, you can set a trade route to increase your resources mining.
  • ABANDON PLANET - option only available if the planet is your colony. It will remove colony from the planet (also removing trade route if was set).

Technologies - develop!

If you build Sciece Lab, you will unlock Technologies button. Here you can switch between current technologies and research them. You must meet resource requirements (resource cost) and Tech requirments (red describtion beneath tech describtion). If both requirements are met, research marker will glow, informing that tech can be researched. Press A to upgrade it.

Buildings - build your colony!

After clicking buildings, you will be redirected to build screen. Here you can switch between structures. You must meet resource requirements (resource cost) and Tech requirments (red describtion beneath building describtion). If both requirements are met, build marker will glow, informing that building can be upgraded. Press A to upgrade it.

Reports - gather intel

Reports give you access to spy bots analysis. Each time spy bot will reach the target a new report fill be generated - you will be informed about it. There are two types of reports:

  • MINING - information about planet resources - needed to build necessary transport ships for trade routes.
  • HOSTILE - information about alien colony garrison and fleets - needed to plan an assault. You must upgrade intelligence to gather more intel about enemy ships.

Active Fleets - track your fleets movement

Here you will your fleet missions status - the fleet will reach its destination, when time will expire. You can only perform 4 fleet missions at once. Mission types:

  • YELLOW - spy missions
  • BLUE - colonizer missions
  • GREEN - attack missions
  • GREY - fleet is returnig from the attack mission

Enemy Fleets - be prepare for the worse

After you discover Radiolocation Tech and build Radar, you can track enemy fleets movement. At the beginning of the game you will be informed about incoming assault only several seconds before attack. When you upgrade Radar, you will have ability to discover enemy attack incoming faster, having time to prepare your colony defenses. If you have spy bots, you can also get intel about fleet ships. Select enemy fleet and press A to send spy bot.

Shipyard - build your armada

If you build Shipyard, you will access shipyard building screen. Here you can build ships, transport and spy bots. Of course, you must meet resource, technology and shipyard level requirements to build selected ship. To build ships, just press HOME button and select required quantity by navigating arrows. If build marker will glow, the selected quantity can be build. Press A to build.

Intelligence - track your enemies progress

After building Intelligence, you can see intel about aliens progress. Ultimate weapon progress marker informs you about the enemy Solar Destroyer research progress. Each time you lost battle with enemy fleet, the marker will be increased. If it fills up, the aliens will start to send Solar Destroyer to attack your planet. Alien colonies marker informs you, how many planets are occupied by enemy forces. You must find and defeat all enemies garrisons in order to make final assault on the alien capital.

Fleet stats - inspect your forces

Here you can see all ships currently stationed at your colony and the current battle experience points.

Star Routes - oversee your transport routes

Here you can see currently established trade routes between you colonies.

Transfrom Resources - get needed supplies!

After building Transformer, you can access Transform screen. Here you will convert one type of resource to another. Just increase resource quantity by holding up arrow and press A to transofm.



Build ships to defend your Capital. Build Radar to track down enemy fleet and prepare for the attack. Build Planetary Defence system to destroy additional enemy ships. Build Warehouse to stash resources and protect them from pillaging.


Always observe enemy research progress. Make wise decisions when to attack and when to defend. Progress bar will increase after each succesfull raid on your capital. If progress bar will fill up, enemy will send ultimate weapon to destroy your Capital!


Upgrade Power Plant and mines in order to increase resource extraction. Set trade routes to get additional resources from the colonies. Finally, build Logistic Centre to increase trade routes capacity.


Some game screens will pause game, giving you time to think some of your actions. In this mode, fleets time won't countdown and resources won't increase. List of game screens: Fleet Selection Screen Fleet Confirmation Screen Combat Report (but not spy bot reports).


  1. Build ships.
  2. Send Scout mission to the destination planet
  3. Check scout mission hostile report.
  4. Select ATTACK option on the Star Map.
  5. On the Fleet Selection Screen select ships to send (pressing HOME will grant you access to ship selection quantity. Modify quantity by arrows. After clicking HOME again, you can move to another ship type)
  6. On the confirmation screen accept attack fleet by clickin A (if you meet requirements).
  7. The fleet will be send with attack mission.


  1. Send Scout mission to the destination planet
  2. Check scout mission mining report
  3. Send Colonizer to establish a colony on the destination planet
  4. Build required number of transport ships based on the mining report (for example blue +2 value means that you must build 2 Metal Transports)
  5. Select SET TRADE ROUTE option on the Star Map
  6. If you meet requirements, press A to confirm.
  7. A new route will be established.



  • Arrows Up/Down - move between options
  • A - select option


  • Arrows Up/Down - move between options
  • Arrows Left/Right - change option
  • B - return to main menu


  • Arrows - move between options
  • A - select option


On the map:

  • Arrows - move cursor on the map
  • A - open dropdown menu on the planet
  • B - return to war room

On the dropdown menu:

  • Arrows up/down - move between options
  • A - select option
  • B - close dropdown menu


  • B - return to war room


  • Arrows right/left - move between buildings/technologies
  • A - increase building/technology level (if able)
  • B - return to war room


On the ships selection:

  • Arrows right/left - move between ships
  • B - return to war room
  • MENU - enable quantity selection

On the quantity selection:

  • Arrows right/left - change quantity modifier
  • Arrows up/down - increase/decrease ships quantity
  • A - buy selected quantity
  • MENU - disable quantity selection


  • Arrows up/down - move between enemy fleets (if able)
  • A - scout enemy fleet (if able)
  • B - return to war room


  • B - return to the game
  • Arrows left/right - move between report parts


  • B - return to war room
  • Arrows left/right - move between reports/Star routes


  • Arrows left/right - change conversion type
  • Arrows up/down - increase/decrease resource quantity
  • A - transform resources
  • B - return to war room


On the fleet selection:

  • A - go to fleet confirmation screen
  • B - return to the game
  • MENU - move to selected ship quantity selection

On the ship quantity selection:

  • Arrows right/left - change quantity modifier
  • Arrows up/down - increase/decrease ships quantity
  • MENU - accept ship quantity and disable quantity selection

2020-07-27 Version 1.1 (Major update)


  • Save/Load game
  • 2 new ships (Stalker, Leviatan)
  • 1 new building (Market)
  • 3 new techs (Cloaking, Mind Control, Economy)
  • new fleet mission (Raid)
  • minor bug fix


Now you can save your game by clicking button "SAVE GAME" in the War Room screen. The popup will inform you about save status. You can load game from Main Menu screen. Only one save slot is available.

RAID - steal enemy ships

If you discover Cloaking or Mind Control techs, you will be able to train corsair ships: Stalkers and Leviatans. You can use them to perform new mission - stealing enemy ships. You can do it only on the hostile colony. Select RAID on dropdown menu, set ships to send and accept mission. When fleet reaches destination, it will steal certain number of enemy ships. When fleet returns, those ships will be added to your army. Rember, that losing combat during colony defense will destroy all your corsair ships.

MARKET - get needed goods

If you build Market, you can access it by clicking button Market in the War Room screen. Here you can buy ships and resources for fuel. If you upgrade Market further, you will get better deals. Howewer, prices are always higher than standard resource conversion in the Transformer.

2024-01-07 Version 1.2 (Major update)


  • expanded game options
  • two enemies mode
  • 2 new techs (EMP Weapon, Composite Armor)
  • 1 new ship (EMP Missle)
  • 1 new building (EMP Launcher)
  • new fleet mission (Intercept)
  • new market good (Missles)
  • other minor improvements
  • minor bug fix


From now you can set your new game with following options (From the GAME OPTIONS in the main menu):

  • Enemies - choose to fight with one or two enemies.
  • Difficulty - determines how often enemy fleets will attack. Also affects enemy garrisons and fleets strength.
  • Weapon Points - choose how quick enemies will discover Solar Destructor and destroy your planet. You can choose between 120 and 60 points.


Differences between 1 and 2 enemies mode:

  • 1 Enemy - Max Enemy Fleets: 2; Colonies to destroy: 5; Capitals to destroy: 1
  • 2 Enemies - Max Enemy Fleets: 4 (Fleets will reduce to 2 when at least 5 colonies will be destroyed); Colonies to destroy: 10; Capitals to destroy: 2


  • Composite Armor - reduce resource cost for the Solar Destructors, Star Dreadnoughts and War Cruisers.
  • EMP Weapon - unlocks EMP Launcher building and EMP Missle Ship. Also increases single missle power.


  • EMP Missle - used in the new INTERCEPT missions. With higher EMP Weapon tech level missle is more powerful, but also much more expensive to buy.


  • EMP Launcher - determines how many rockets can be send in the single intercept mission.

INTERCEPT - reduce enemy fleet strenght

If you discover EMP Weapon tech and build EMP Launcher building, you can now intercept spotted enemy fleets before they can reach your colony. This can only be achieved for the enemy fleet which have time higher than 1 minute, so high radiolocation level is a must.

To perform mission:

  1. Select enemy fleets screen from the War Room;
  2. Select enemy fleet you want to intercept (by HOME button);
  3. Select missle quantity (determined by EMP launcher level);
  4. Accept mission;

After rockets reach target, you will receive report about enemy fleet losses. You can perform multiple intercept missions to the single fleet as long as other conditions are met (fleet limit, resource cost, available missles etc.)


You can now buy EMP Missles for the fuel.


  • Some building and tech levels were increased.
  • Radar visibility range was increased.
  • Reports total count was increased from 5 to 8.

Release Notes:

Version 1.2 is the final release for the game. No further changes are planned to implement.