• 1 box = 1 point
  • 1 box = 1 random weapon
  • Monsters keep spawning
  • If monsters reach the bottom, they come back red and angry!
  • Kill monsters not to die, but it makes no points. Go get these boxes!
  • Unlock 12 weapons and 4 maps!
  • Physics, particles, light effets! Wow!
  • Difficulty increases with score. Reach 50 points and you'll see.

Ported from the original Super Crate Buino on the Gamebuino Classic.

Strongly inspired from Super Crate Box.

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NEW 4 months ago

Sure i hope it too. It's very good


NEW 4 months ago

Easily my favorite game on the Meta. Awesome work Rodot! If there's any updates, i'll be sure to try it out. 


NEW 6 months ago

Just stumbled across the weapon cheat in the source code, rocket launcher on demand... Muahahahaaaa!