Supper Bubble Mania

By ragnarok93, 6 years ago

Hello Guys, I wanna show you my recent project I'm working on. Its Super Bubble Mania, It's a game like Bangi but inspired by other game from my childhood - Super Bubble Mania ;). It's a first such big project programmed in object oriented programming style so it progress slowly ;).

Now Im working on collision detections, then Im going to implement collision effects (player death, shooting balls etc. etc.), then gonna implement better ball movements (kinda gravitation), bonuses, boss battles, sound and music, and lastly second game mode where You have to fill bar to get next level and Your goal is to reach level 100 only having 2 lifes for it ;).

Now It looks like this - 

Gonna post updates when things will get done ;). 

Wish me luck guys and lot of perservance ;).