A short text-based adventure for the Gamebuino Classic!

You enter the tower of a deceased mage in search of a cure for the curse of undeath that has befallen you.

Explore and try to solve the puzzles of the tower!


D-pad - scroll through the description / navigate though the available actions/items

A - select an action/item

B - cancel a selection

C - return to the Gamebuino screen

Here's a sample of the menu (not normally something you would expect a game to show off!)

Looks better on the Gamebuino! ;)


  • With the limited program memory, I was unable to put in useful responses to all the item interactions that came up during play testing. It was tough enough fitting in as much as I had! So if you try something cool and you get a generic 'no effect' message, then I am sorry to disappoint. :P
  • Getting to the end is easy, actually finishing it is tough. >:D
  • Having read the article on Seal of Quality it advises developers to use as little text as possible. I guess that just wasn't going to happen for a text-based adventure. Eh? :)