Understanding Arduino files and folders


By bfx, 5 years ago

In this tutorial, we will try to understand the internal structure of the Arduino IDE and how the build process works. This is useful mainly for debugging, troubleshooting compilation issues and use the build tools with other programs such as VSCode.

This is really an attempt to document the structure of the IDE. As the whole structure is poorly documented (if you find some document that describes the internals of the files and folders, please let me know!!), there is no guarantee that the information hereafter is fully correct. This is all based on my experience and observations, mainly under Windows, and a lot of googling. So please do not flood me with questions, I'm no specialist of the Arduino IDE, just a little curious.

This text is a technical article more than a real tutorial, but a couple of tweaks are given at the end.

Please go to the full tutorial on GitHub.

As soon as the MarkDown editor is available for the Gamebuino pages, I will copy the content of the tutorial here.