A new website for a new product

By Aurélien Rodot, 6 years ago

Dear Gamebuinians,

You may have noticed that we started rolling out a new website (how could you not notice).

So... welcome!

Please note that everything is under construction, and we will be continuously developing both the website and the content for the years to come. Like, seriously. We took quite a fresh start and wrote everything from scratch over the last months (kudos to Hastatis and Unit&Co). As I keep saying, this is just the beginning. It has been years, and trust me it has never been more true.

If you have any suggestion or bug report, please post on the topic Website bug reports & requests of our brand new community!

Don't worry the Gamebuino legacy is not gone, we kept the old forum and wiki online, but they will soon end up read-only. Note that all the existing links should redirect just fine.

Stay tuned!