Bonne Année 2019

By Sandra, 5 months ago

Happy new year 2019, from the whole Gamebuino Team!

Hello Gambuinians,

We wish you the best for this new year!

This moment is perfect to make a little summary of the year 2018 which has been filled with emotion.

  • 2018 started with the launch of the Gamebuino META on Kickstarter. We worked really hard in order to make the delivery for all the backers as fast as possible. A first mission accomplished!
  • During the beginning of the year we also went to all our partners and we took videos of all the parts of the manufacturing processes of a Gamebuino. You can watch or re-watch all the video on our Youtube channel.
  • After that, we focused on the website and educational contents development. They both really improved since the beginning of the year. But we know there is still a lot of work to do and that’s why it’s our first priority for the year 2019.
  • We also put all the possible efforts to make the community satisfied by the customer service and with also all the conversation we have with you.
  • This year we also introduce regular news and the ‘’pick of the week’’ which helps us to thank you for your creation and to keep you in touch on our development.

I wanted to make a special mention to the members of the community on Discord, we are really happy to see your involvement and participation!

We also took all your comments and idea in consideration.  We want to make this year a huge and beautiful year for Gamebuino and the community.

We will be happy to know what did you like in 2018 with Gamebuino and what do you want for 2019?

Thanks for your discussions, your comments, your likes, your creations and also and in particular for your support and your beautiful mentality.

We wish you a year full of code, games and fun!

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NEW 5 months ago

Je l'avais déjà évoqué sur Discord (et je me répète donc), mais pour animer la communauté vous pourriez proposer des défis, comme par exemple développer le snake le plus épique ! On pourrait même imaginé deux gagnants un élu par le team gamebuino et un autre par la communauté. Et vous pourriez mettre en avant la/les créations gagnantes lors des nouvelles (comme vous le faites pour le coups de coeur de la semaine).

A vous de définir la durer du défi, et autres formalités, si vous souhaitez reprendre cette idée ;)


NEW 5 months ago

To retrieve article/post/creation I think that moderators could be able to add some keywords who could be activate in the search tool.

For example SOUND MUSIC COLLISIONS HIRES asw... only on post who are the most usefull to priorize them on search or find all of the ones matching this subject / category.

To retriebe / recognize the works done by community, i think it's a good idea but that it's too early. First the new company have to developp / stabilize and find gain sources of revenue( It's not our problem but i give my minds about the recognition of the creators). We are happy to join a community project, to share that we do, i think (Again it's only what i think) that later if the socity make enough benfits it could give away a part on different forms (goodies, money, or something else) to people who help but i think that it's could not be done yet to let the money be investing on development and salaries.


NEW 5 months ago

Sandra Sandra

On a more serious note, since you're asking, for 2019 I'd like to see the Academy flourish, I think this tutorial could be considered an example in-depth tutorials that would match the educational goals of the Gamebuino.

Also, the website could be better organized, I find it hard to find an article/post/creation if it's not already in my browser history. The structure is not clear enough imo.

Also, it seems to me that contributors who provide (for free) games you sell with the Gamebuino could get a fairer share of recognition.

So these are the improvements I'm most looking forward to. :)

I do hope to release my 1st meta game, I have LOADS of ideas but little knowledge at the moment.