Dear Gamebuinians

By Sandra, 5 years ago

Thanks for following us!

Hello everybody,

This week I’m coming back to thank you all. We just reached 3000 followers on Facebook and 4000 followers on Instagram!! (′ʘ⌄ʘ‵)

As you can see we’ve already celebrated it!

And if you are reading this and you didn’t have the chance to follow us on our social media, join us here:

Pick of the week

Last week, we shared METAtris and this week we continue with a big classic:

Defend Pluto by Alxm

Without a doubt it’s our favorite game to show and make people try it on the Gamebuino in all our events.

Defend Pluto is a Shut them up, in which you can move horizontally and vertically. There are 5 levels available by now, but some others are coming. Meanwhile, you can already enjoy the great lights and music effects.

Thanks Alxm