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By Sandra, 5 years ago

Creations update

Hello Gamebuinians,

This week I’m coming back to show you the new interface of our “creations” page, a place to regroup all of the community’s creations.

We did 3 groups:

  • Games & Apps
  • Utilities
  • Tutorials

Those groups are cut in 3 grades:

  • Quality seal
  • Done
  • In progress

This way, you can find what you are looking for more easily and quickly than before.

Sylvain also made a favorite games system.

You can add your favorite games to your collection and download them all with a single click. Check out the demo:

It’s time to update your Gamebuino!

CALL TO CREATORS! As you can see some games can’t be added to your collection. It would be very cool if you update your creations with the appropriate binaries files, in order to let everybody enjoy your games! I count on you!

As usual do not hesitate to tell us what you think about those changes in comment.

Pick of the week

Because it’s a classic and essential game, this week we picked:


No need to explain the game play, I’ll let you play and fall back in this sweet addiction. Thank you RIKSU9000.