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Hey, did you notice the ® in the title ?! Looks so serious now, right ?

So yeah, “Gamebuino” is now a trademark, owned by the newborn company “Aadalie” I created to welcome future products (read on).

As I was telling you in the previous posts, I’ve spent most of my time structuring the project, doing more business management than anything else : planning, pitching, raising money, trademarking, finding partnerships, hiring, accounting, creating the company, stuff with lawyers and so on. Because there is a world between a successful crowdfunding campaign, and an actual business. Actually, it was not all business. I was also working on a secret new product to be unveiled pretty soon.

All that time, I went under the radar for several reasons. The main reason is that I didn’t want to give false hope and disappoint by telling things before they are set in stone (we look at you No Man’s Sky). I hope you don’t mind, and I’ll be more verbose from now on.

First things first, here’s a new logo for Gamebuino. Also, the website is going to be refreshed in the coming months to be visually more homogeneous and easy to use (and to add new content).

And hey, just for fun, the new “Gamebuino palette”. 

16 gorgeous colors declined from the new Gamebuino identity color. Each hue was carefully selected to fit well with the others while not being similar, and to be able to do everything with these colors, from skin tones to grass. This palette was hand-made in collaboration with pixel artists from the Gamebuino community (big up to Drakker).

Don’t hesitate to say what you think, or even to use it to make mockups and share them. It’s not because I don’t talk much that I don’t listen, trust me !

…hey, did I just say mockup ? It might be a clue about a new product… okay, here’s another rumor: 80x64px.

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