Gamebuino meets MAKERbuino

By Aurélien Rodot, 7 years ago

Howdy Gamebuinians,

As mentioned in the previous post, I’m now going to recount you what’s going on on a regular basis. It’s been two months already… time flies! If you want updates more often, don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments.

Disclaimer: most of my time goes into making Gamebuino ready to grow to the next level: planning, lawyers, accountants… But hey, there’s still exiting news Read along…

Maker Faire: The European Edition

First, Gamebuino had a booth at the Maker Faire: The European Edition Rome. It was a HUGE event with more than 100 000 visitors over the weekend, and countless amazing projects. And many passionate people.

Here you can see David Cuartielles, co-founder of Arduino, setting a new high score on Paqman (excellent game by Yoda)! David is really interested in Gamebuino as it’s a fun way to interest people in electronics and programming.

(Thanks to Albert and his father for the Maker Faire photos!)

Here, I’m with Albert and Jonne, both members of the Gamebuino community. It inspired them to create their own open-source gaming consoles:

  •  Jonne (aka Jonnection) comes from Finland and created pokitto, an adorable gaming console. It’s not released yet, but it will soon be on
  • Albert (aka Albertinjo) is a young Croatian inventor, and created the MAKERbuino: it’s basically a Gamebuino compatible kit you can solder yourself!

MAKERbuino preorders open!

You know the best part ? I partnered up with Albert, so you can already preorder it on the Gamebuino Shop! It’s easy to assemble and comes with detailed build instructions.

New Gamebuino R4 on the way

Apart from this cool new Gamebuino variant, the Gamebuino itself is freshened up with a new revision. They are being manufactured at the moment, and will soon have:

  • A 3.5mm audio jack to listen to cool chiptunes on the bus or to blast the Gamebuino sounds on huge loudspeakers
  • A connector so it’s easy to replace the battery if it wears out (remember to keep yours charged!)
  • RX/TX LEDs bug fixed

This is what the new revision will look like!

Gamebuino Library 0.4 update

Not only hardware evolves! The version 0.4 of the Gamebuino library it out on GitHub. It packs several cool new features:

  • Finer volume control! Use the shortcut “C” + “B” at any time.
  • Get back to the game list at any time by holding “C” + “A”
  • Arduino Library Manager compatible! Installation only takes a few click, it’s very quick & easy. See the Getting Started page.

Il will re-compile all the games asap so you can upgrade your Gamebuino easily

Ship it quick, Santa won’t wait!

Last thing: Gamebuinos are now shipped twice a week to make sure you get them in time for Christmas! Reminder of tracked Airmail shipping time: France < 1 week, Europe 1-2 weeks, World 2-4 weeks.

Pro Tip: These are indicative delay, order today to be sure to have your Gamebuino on time.

Thoughts ? Suggestions ? Share them in the comments!