Learning how to code : C++ or Python ?

By sylvain, 5 years ago

Python is now on Gamebuino, it is the perfect opportunity to discover that not so recent but very trendy language ! To celebrate this news, we offer you the chance to win a Gamebuino META : hurry up and take part in our raffle, there are only a few days left !

Why would you choose to write code in Python ?

If you have been through some of our tutorials, then you already know why, the C++ was until now the only language compatible with our Gamebuinos. But this era is now over with the introduction of Python! There are similarities between C++ and Python : both are object-oriented coding, and are the  most usually used coded languages in 2019. Both will allow you to learn how to code, and to create more and more advanced games. However, here are some features that might make you want to try or switch to Python if you start learning how to code.

A clearer syntax

With its much easier syntax than C++, it is simpler for a beginner to understand the meaning of an algorithm.

Interpreted language 

Unlike the C++, that is compiled language, Python can execute instructions directly, which speed the testing process : no need to compile your game, you can test it immediately.

Dynamic typing

With Python, there is no need to declare a variable type before using it. It is dynamically typed, which means that it has untyped variable names, the typing is not explicitly specified. It is implicitly linked to the information dealt with. It ensures a lighter coding, that is also easier to use for beginners.

No need to install any software

Unlike the C++ for which you need the IDE Arduino, with Python you do not need any compiler. You can simply use your favorite code editor, then simply slide your file into your Gamebuino and try it.

 Lesser lines of code

All the previous points converge : with Python, you can code in a more synthetic way with lesser lines of code. You will be able to code the prototypes of your games faster and get results in no time!

In conclusion?

As you might have understood it, Python has many benefits including  simplifying the learning process of coding for beginners. Yet, it also allows you to create very advanced programs ! The C++ is nevertheless a very powerful and effective language that we will keep on our Gamebuinos. The choice will be yours!

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