Maker Faire and Free Gamebuino

By Sandra, 5 years ago

The Maker Faire tour keep going!

Hello everybody!

One month ago, we were on the biggest Europe Maker Faire in Roma!

On this event, Gina Marco from IDM consulting Italia took some images that we wanted to share with you.

Once again, it was really nice to meet makers from all over the world and share the Gamebuino love <3

Reminder: We will be exhibiting, for the first time, at the Maker Faire in Paris!

Between the 22th and 25th of November (Next week!! ⊙▃⊙)

We hope we will make our beautiful community even bigger, and that we will get to meet our faithful Gambuinians.  Hoping to see you there!

Gamebuino’s Christmas!

Christmas will be here soon! Take advantage of our special code “PETITPAPANOEL”. For a Gamebuino META bought, get a free Gamebuino CLASSIC. As long as our inventory lasts. 

Warning, the Gamebuino CLASSIC will not be produced anymore, it’s your last chance to get or to offer one! 

Don’t forget, to benefit from this offer you should add the ‘’PETITPAPANOEL’’ code before confirming your order.

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Pick of the week

This week we choose the creation:

Game of Life COMPLETE Tutorial

As the name suggests, it’s a very complete tutorial on the ‘’Game of life’’. Don’t be fooled it’s not only about the Game of Life, you’ll learn about the powerful “MVC” programming pattern and much more.

As you’ll discover, the Game of Life is not a “regular” game. It’s a mathematical concept, and I think this tutorial is a really nice way to discover and understand it. This tutorial is composed of 9 chapters which can help you with other programming concepts and techniques.

I’ll let you discover it :

Game of Life COMPLETE Tutorial

Many thanks to Steph for his huge work!!