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Discover electronics with Gamebuino

Aurélien speaking! I give you a new backpack, which is meant to replace the current developer backpack. Available soon :)

  • Easy access to the input/output of your Gamebuino to connect buttons, joysticks, motors, sensors... just like an Arduino!
  • Input/output labels accessible and labeled on the front and back side
  • All the pins are in a row to be plugged directly in a breadboard / protoboard / veroboard
  • Debug port for advanced users who want to add stop points to their programs. Requires an Atmel ICE.



Sandra speaking! This week we decided to highlight a game that has marked the Gamebuino team.

And this Game is ...

ROCKSTER by Archonik

Rockster is a musical game similar to Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Archonik knew how to make the best out of the Gamebuino META with this game since it uses both sound and lights. You can trust us, sounds and lights effects together makes the game be totally addictive!

Rockster includes 13 great commercial indie tracks used with permission from the authors. But the most impressive it’s that you can upload your own tracks to the SD card.

The best way to discover it, is of course to play.


Our firsts moments on this game has been immortalized when the national TV channel France 3 came at the office to film us.

Congratulations and thanks Archonik!!

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Aurélien Rodot Aurélien Rodot

While true i ran into issues with my raspberry pi being too old to sniff the spi buff at high enough speeds D:

Aurélien Rodot

NEW 1 month ago

Juice_Lizard Juice_Lizard

We don't have video output, but brain control is built in (at 1:48)


NEW 1 month ago

Oh, wow! Thank you for the highlight! I'm very humbled by your choice, considering that the game is merely a proof-of-concept and not anywhere near a fully enjoyable experience. Glad you enjoyed it!