New Gamebuino Academy

By Sandra, 5 years ago

Follow your progress

Hello and welcome to this news.

You maybe have already noticed, the Gamebuino Academy is shining with a new look!

If you don't know what am I talking about : The Academy is the place where you'll find all our coding workshops. From the first time to see the console to your first own game.

We didn't only change the layout of the academy, but also you now have the ability to check all the completed workshops. So you can simply and quickly save your progression with the code learning.

Don't hesitate to give us your opinion on this new academy, we are waiting for your feedback.


Pick of the week

The pick of the week is a little bit particular this time because it's not a game but a video.

More precisely, a Gamebuino META review by Polo Débile.

We really like this video but we also like the guy and the channel so if you can understand French don't hesitate to take a look here!

Thanks again to Polo débile