Start inventing with the breadboard backpack

By Sandra, 5 years ago


One month ago, we announced the new Backpack

Some of you had the opportunity to try the beta version of it. And we wanted to say thanks to our beta testers for their feedback and advice.

Today the Breadboard Backpack is officially available in the shop. With two versions, the soldered one (starter) or the solder-yourself one (bulk)

Order today!

Pick of the week

Online for only 12 hours, our pick of the week is the game :

TIMO AND TIMA by Brachius

Timo and Tima is a puzzle game. Your goal, help Timo and Tima to leave the donjon. Composed of 20 levels, this game will test you logic and will give you a great satisfaction! Thanks Brachius!

Try it here