Stickers and an upgraded library

By Aurélien Rodot, 6 years ago

My fellow Gamebuinians,

The past two weeks saw the birth of many new things!

An expanding team

I know that this blog post was published with Aurélien's account, but he didn't post this. It is I, Julien, who hacked his account }:D

Okay, on a more serious note, I (Julien) joined the wonderful Gamebuino team last week (I am using Aurélien's account because he has yet to make me a site admin). I have been working on some tutorials (not available in English yet because we are still trying out things), and a secret project ;)

But I am not the only new kid on the block, there is also the amazing Katrin who is working on the on various parts of the software.

From left to right: Me (Julien), Sandra, Aurélien, and Katrin

The Seal of Quality

Many Gamebuinians among the community have phenomenal skills! The number of top-notch games on the creations page is growing fast. So to reward, and give more visibility to those games, we have launched a Seal of Quality.

The dawn of the Fair Stickers

Stickers are designed around the idea of encouraging developers that have the Seal of Quality. All Gamebuino games are completely free (and most are open source too!). The best of them now have the possibility of generating money through the use of stickers. You see, these epic stickers will be available on the store soon, and half the price of what you pay goes directly to the developer of the game :D

We have not launched the stickers yet, but that is because we would like to know which one you guys prefer first! Go ahead and vote now -> Sticker contest

Loader Update

The loader, which allows you to change games, received a recent update. It is now more intuitive to use, and has a setup interface for the very first time you turn on your Gamebuino. If it is not already done, take a minute to update yours (follow the "Update the default game" section): link

GB.GUI | Keyboards, menus, and pop-ups

I present to you, gb.gui :

The Gamebuino-Meta library now has tools to help you build graphical user interfaces in just a few lines. It even has an awesome tutorial to get you started in no time.

See you around,

Julien from Gamebuino