Update #11: Components received

By Rodot, 4 weeks ago

Piles of good stuff

Manufacturing is progressing smoothly, we received all the components needed to start soldering. I'll try to make a video of how you industrially solder about 100 components per Gamebuino... until then here is how we laser-cut the real wood skin!

Piles of components ready to be turned into Gamebuino META

Lasers are cool

Laser-cutting the wood skin 5 minutes away from our office in France, with the help of http://www.ldworkshop.fr/

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NEW 3 weeks ago

There is already a pouch provided as we reached the extended goal :)


NEW 3 weeks ago

yes it's should be enough to protect screen. That's true


NEW 3 weeks ago

NightWolf NightWolf

You can get universal screen protector kits for not too much, they come with cutting guides so you can cut to fit the screen.

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