Update #5: Gamebuino Europe tour!

By Aurélien Rodot, 6 years ago

Update #5 from Kickstarter!

Howdy Gamebuinians!

Those who follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube might have seen the following already ;)


Days passes by, ideas stack up, to-do lists lengthen. That's going to get better as Sandra leveled up from trainee to full time Gamebuinian Employee! She helps doing ALL THE THINGS! o/

You're interested in joining the team as well? Pop us a message!

Sandra, employee of the month!

Maker Faire all over Europe

We were at the Bilbao Maker Faire, Spain. We are just back from the Maker Faire Im Norden, Germany.

Next week, we'll go the Europe's largest Maker Faire: Rome, Italy! If you're around, stop by and challenge us at a game of pong on the META >:)

You've never been to a Maker Faire? Our video shows you what to can expect to encounter:


This game is ported from the Gamebuino Classic, but it already gives you an idea of what to expect. What would you do with these light effects? What games do you want? Tell us in the comments.

Early, early bird

You don't want to wait until 2018 to get your Gamebuino ? You want to contribute as a developer, artist, maker, or any other way? Tell us what you would do and impress us with your achievements to get your Gamebuino META now! Very limited supply!

Note: Everything is 99% final, you'll even have injection molded cases. But you might not have fancy packaging or notice. Well, you know how it is. Early access.

Take care and see you soon,