The pouch is coming

 Protect your loved Gamebuino in its pouch

Stretch goal unlocked! We reached 50k€ the day we received the pouch samples, how timely. The pouch feels good and the fabric is thick, but I'm not sure we'll include the logo because of the print quality.

Started shipping

Don't panic. We only started shipping the developer units at the moment. Early access, hand soldered, with 3D printed buttons and injection molded cases. Still 99% like the final product. Early birds, you can still apply to get yours early by private message. Others are expected to be shipped early 2018.

Binge printing buttons!

We are currently passing CE, FCC and other certifications. It's costly and time consuming, but required to ensure the product is safe... and to be able to sell it legally.


Feast your eyes on these marvelous mockups. It shows what games we might have soon :)

Mockups by 1: Siegfried Cross 2: Valden 3,4: Drakker

More mockups! Defend Pluto by ALXM

More mockups! Defend Pluto by ALXM

European Faire Rome

Time to go to bed now, because tomorrow morning starts the HUGE European Maker Faire! Sandra, Sorunome and I are already set up and ready to welcome you in Rome, Italy.

We are ready for the 100 000+ visitors

And now, the 100k€ stretch goal

Here is what you mainly asked for, and our corresponding proposition.

  • Customization

We'll provide tutorials and necessary files so you can change your buttons color and make your own skins! Good news, you'll get it anyway at no extra cost! :)

  • Multiplayer, more buttons/joysticks, wireless connectivity

If we reach the cosmic amount of 100k€ raised, we'll develop a "Gaming backpack" that includes all this. So, if you still have a few friends to convince, it's the right time!

Thank you everybody for your help. We're on the right track.



Wait, what?