Who are we? You tell me.

By Aurélien Rodot, 6 years ago

Dear Gamebuinians, it's thinking time!

Why are you here?

What do you like about us? What do you dislike?

I'll define our "10 commandments" based on your answers.

This way every newcomer will know what we are about.

All your answers will be visible here, publicly and uncensored (please be respectful).

I've been talking with you for years and got to know you well. I think I know what drives us, why we are here and who we are... but I want to hear it from you. Our core values is not something I'm going to write down on my own in my kitchen. It's something only you can define.

Meaningful picture about wondering who we are


  • "It's all about sharing our passion and making it accessible to more people, because it's always easier than it seems."
  • "We play by the rules. We don't do pirate emulation, we pay taxes and pass certifications."
  • "I love how total newcomers are mixed with expert programmers and everybody learns from each others"
  • "We question and improve everything, even these 10 commandements are going to change over time"
  • "We love poop jokes and ponies"

Some useful feedback, that won't make it in the 10 commandements but helps us improve:

  • "I hate the new logo it's ugly eeerk D:"
  • "It all turned to stupid nonsense since the Meta video"
  • "When will the brain control backpack be available? I'd like to order 1000 units."

Please be honest and open, do not tell what you think we want to hear ;)

Photo Credits @Rodot