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5 years ago

"cogito ergo ludo"

Hello everybody and welcome in these news!

As you know, we launched a contest last week. And here we are to announce the winner of the Gamebuino META customized case.

The choice has been difficult because all the participants have been creative! 

After discussing it with the Gamebuino team, we chose the message "Cogito ergo ludo'' which means ''I think, therefore I play"

As you guessed, this sentence is a reference to the famous "Cogito ergo sum" or ''I think, therefore I am" in English.

We really liked the idea, congratulations to the author Thietrop, to whom we offer this wonderful custom case.


This week we choose the game:


We have been impressed and seduced by this game's graphics.

Monkey puzzle is a platform game, you'll control a little monkey. Your mission: Get some specific fruits to go to the next level.

The author wanted to create a cute game for his kids and it's so great. I'm convinced you'll love it too!

There are 3 levels so far. I'm counting on you to encourage STRANGENIKOLAI to continue this great work! We want more!

Try it here

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