Newsletter of the Métafans


Aurélien Rodot

NEW 2 years ago

Very good suggestion, we'd be happy to publish it !

The one who writes and the one who translate doesn't have to be the same person, this way anybody can write the article no matter their language skills.

My 2 cents :

To translate quickly, we use and re-read the result to fix the few mistakes.

For grammar checking, this tool is very powerful and has a chrome extension :

To track the progress of all the articles being written, you definitly should make a trello board

I know, I'm crazy with all my tools, don't judge me.


NEW 2 years ago

nice idea. Unfortunately I am to consumed by my work at the moment, so maybe I could help out in July or so, but not now..


NEW 2 years ago

NP, i think we'll try to organize it and make tools to make it possible and as we are very few, atm, it's will probably by a letter with the frequency: "when we can" until we reach a good organisation and enough member to keep it regular...
The subject stay open atm to let people have time to answer but it seems we'll not be alot more for the moment.