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This is a Gamebuino Meta port from the Gamebuino classic version made by LADBsoft:

Snake 5110 META

Hiho, here my first META game, a port from my first Gamebuino Classic game:

Snake 5110

Another Snake clone (made by Lady Awesome and MakerSquirrel, with modified highscore code found in ...
Work in progress

Port Firebuino to Meta: Tutorial

While I added a fully working game (Firebuino Meta port! Thanks Jicehel, Krabbo, Sorunome and Steph ...

Tutorial: How to collect and store Highscores

This is meant for beginners and for those who do not want to re-invent the wheel. Do you work on you...


🏆 Staff pick

Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times

Presenting Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times, an RPG-Adventure in which you assume the role of a boy ...
🏆 Staff pick

Céleste Classic

This is a port of Céleste Classic from PICO-8 on META. Controls: A to jump, B to dash and menu butt...

Advanced Raycasting

RELEASE UPDATE: I got my GameBuino, tuned this a bit and set it as released. To check out the demos,...
Work in progress

Online META Emulator

AboutThis is a web-based emulator that I have been working on for the META. Provide a compiled META ...

Image Transcoder

Versatile Image Transcoder This is a new tool to transcode your images in C++. It recognizes the fol...

Gamebuino META Manual

Overview The Gamebuino META lets gamers to play the great pixelated games they loved on a compact d...
Work in progress


A 2D platformer where you travel deeper and deeper underground.  This is an early work in progress...

Quick software setup

You need the Arduino IDE software to type your code and send it to the Gamebuino over the USB cable....