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5 years ago


here my first META game, a port from my first Gamebuino Classic game: . The idea was to keep it as simple as possible, while getting most fun out of it (no fancy shit, but a working game :P ).

The META version includes LED stuff, colors and a more fancy menu.  Feel free to checkout the code on the github page...

Key features:

  • fun included
  • two game modes: Classic and Meta (pun intended)
    • Classic: like Snake on the Nokia 5110, 9 difficulty/speed levels, the higher the speed, the more points a "nom" brings. Has its own highscore
    • Meta: four different nom types. Next to the normal one, there is one which gives more points but lets gror the snake more, one which lets shrink the snake but costs a few points and one that tears down a part of the wall, which allows the snake to move through the wall
  • The difficulty/level menu now shows the level-dependent speed of the snake, which helps to find the suitable speed for everyone.

This is the final version for now, the game now should work in the emulator as well. Please report any issues found!

Criticism, praise and nuts are always welcome (in no particular order)...



P.S.: Funfact: the blue-ish background color is taken from the simbuino for the gamebuino classic...

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NEW 5 years ago

Good evening,

Really nice, it reminds me of my play in the back of the class with my nokia3210 ... Sensations are really there :)

I had a small problem with the file ICON.BMP on the other hand, I had to re-register it in BMP 24 bits so that it appears correctly on the launcher.

In improvement I will see a "without wall" mode, a little in the way 3310. I saw that you had already made some holes, nice enough to use also ^^

Good to you