upgrade the nokia lcd to another monochrome LCD with higher resolution



6 months ago


i was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the nokia lcd to another monochrome LCD with higher resolution (even if its the same size)

my aim to create sprite for games (that would emulate the game & watch look and feel). current pixelation is suitable for gameboy games but fail to give the sharp edge of nintendo game & watch sprite

any advice weather the upgrade would require huge modification to the code.


NEW 6 months ago

You are talking about the Gamebuino Classic. Since that device does solely have 2kB RAM there won't be much higher resolution, which could be handled with that RAM. The Arduboy has a comparable CPU, which managed to get 128x64 pixels out of it (a comparable display might be this one: https://www.adafruit.com/product/938). That is still far off from a finegrained resolution, though.



NEW 6 months ago

Hi, i'll make a parachute port on the META. I had done one one the classic, i was doable even resolution was low. On the META, i'll try to use the Hi Res mode (160128) a tuto to use this mode with the current memory has been done, i need just some time to read, try and use it (It's a little more complicated but 160128 / full color is amazing to emulate the old handle games from nintendo as you can let the sprites black and recreat the backgrounds of this games)

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