Wifi Backpack



5 years ago

Hi :),

I like to build a Wifi Backpack for the Gamebuino. Based on the ESP-8266 as ESP-WROOM-02 module.

For the Hardware side:

- should I connect every usable Pin to the Gamebuino or only the RX and TX pins?

- should it be possible to turn off the Power of the Wifi Module via a Gamebuino Pin?

- any extra Leds / Buttons?

For the Software side:

- should we use the Modem Firmware from Espressife which is flashed as default on any ESP? (faster for Production because no FW programming is needed)

- or should we use a custom FW build specialy for the Gamebuino?

with best regards ripper121


NEW 5 years ago

iirc the esp8266 default firmware has a serial interface. As such, connecting 3V3, ground, rx and tx should be enough.

For the other two points....it is really up to what you want to support!

As for the software side...that is also entirely up to you! Soru would probably just go with the default firmware to have less programming work


NEW 5 years ago

I would start with a minimal approach as well, if I were you. After Wifi part is working, one always can think of a case with maybe two extra buttons, so the shoulder option would be accessible as well.
If you want to, I could try to create a case for that, so that we could 3D-print it. I would need exact measurements of your hardware in the end...